Choose little-used and tested solarium equipment from the market leader in the Baltic States!

Ergoline 800 Excellence White 12 CopySunconcept has been operating in the solarium trade and service industry since 2006. During these years, we have accumulated a lot of experience in equipment sales and service provision. We offer our services in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We go to the client in case of need, as well as help to solve technical problems by phone in urgent cases.

We provide new clients with free consultations on creating new salons, help to choose the most suitable equipment and provide free consultations on all technical issues and room layout.

For those already working in the industry professionals offer advice on how to improve the service and choose suitable solarium equipment. When purchasing a new solarium equipment, it is very important to order the right set to meet the wishes of the most demanding customers, as well as thinking about the value of the equipment in the secondary market.

Sunconcept is the only company in the Baltics with a little-used and renovated solarium offer. Our renovated sols l1600 Copyariums are especially popular today, because thanks to the work done, they work and look like new. In addition to maintenance, we improve solarium lighting with modern LED solutions and install a powerful audio system. Solariums prepared in this way are often mixed with brand new equipment, because they really look new and modern, but their price is significantly lower. We offer to renovate solariums according to the customer's wishes - you can choose the color of the solarium and additional design elements.

We have delivered our equipment to customers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, Sweden and Norway.

We always o20200305 152336 resized Copyffer more than 30 different little-used and renovated solariums. We deliver used solariums from the warehouses of our European partners according to the customer's order within 10 days.

Ask us - we will help you create and improve your business!

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