SUNCONCEPT – Choose little-used and tested solarium equipment from the market leader in the Baltic States!

20200305 152417 resized CopySunconcept is the only company in the Baltics with a little-used and renovated solarium offer. Our renovated solariums are especially popular today, because thanks to the work done, they work and look like new. In addition to maintenance, we improve solarium lighting with modern LED solutions and install a powerful audio system. Solariums prepared in this way are often mixed with brand new equipment, because they really look new and modern, but their price is significantly lower.


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New Megasun and Luxura solariums directly from the manufacturer with a guarantee!

Sunconcept is the official partner of the leading solarium manufacturers Luxura and Megasun in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We offer all solarium models directly from the manufacturer. We provide warranty repairs and maintenance, as well as post-warranty service for existing solarium owners.



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Sunconcept Brand solarium lamps - the right choice for a successful business!

Sunconcept Brand solarium lamps - the right choice for a successful business! Sunconcept offers its own brand lamps in the Baltic market. With 15 years of experience in cooperation with Europe's leading lamp manufacturers, we have developed solarium lamps specifically for each country's market. Our lamps are manufactured in Germany's leading factory, which manufactures lamps for brands such as Cosmedico, Isolde, Hanau, Max; light, Ergoline. Most lamps are available for installation or shipping immediately. We also offer all lamps from Cosmedico, Isolde, Hanau catalogs.


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